Deeper and Deeper – Helpful Tips for New Players (Playtest)


    Newbies advice

    The lobby

    Your lobby is set to public by default, but the thing is, players have to find your specific username to invite you, there’s no lobby matchmaking, you just invite other players, and On the contrary.

    General suggestions

    Here are some tips to get you going:

    • There is currently no voice chat and no text chat (except on the lobby screen).
    • IMO, don’t play Savage, especially as a solo player. I’d choose to play either rogue, or ranger, but that’s just me. Play any class that suits your needs and whatever suits you best.
    • Any spiders you find will most likely be caused by a “spider pot”, destroy the pot (it will just be your regular clay pot that is embedded halfway into the floor and is also flipped over) otherwise the spiders will just keep flying. Forever
    • If you’re alone, you can do something that’s quite risky but extremely worthwhile. If it works, just teaming up with other players, you can do it (and that’s how I communicate. ) the impulse to “surrender” by equipping, and using, your flashlight. The surrender emote will be in your “Customize” tab, then go to “Emotes” then assign it to any empty slot (they will all be empty) Then, use “T” and select the emote.
    • 9/10 times the Rangers won’t be friendly.
    • Don’t go into red portals, they will take you to hell. I am not joking. Insanity there, but not worth it IMO.
    • A scoundrel’s pocket is worthless. It just takes a random item from their inventory, if you’re playing as a rogue and you manage to get behind one, just kill them. Or not. depending on you.
    • While navigating the dungeon, you will encounter traps, the floor spikes are easy to spot and avoid, just walk around them or hug the walls if they are close to one. Wall spikes on the other hand are total crap. They are very hidden and you will most likely not know they are there until it is too late. To avoid them, just crouch. They cannot be activated if you are crouching.
    • When attacking NPCs, such as skeletons, it’s best to hit or stab them once (or twice if you’re fast enough) before they can perform their slow melee, and Once they miss (hopefully) close the gap and continue the attack. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be fine.
    • When you die, you lose everything you’ve collected from the dungeon. You also lose everything you bought and had on you when you died. IMO just don’t buy anything from merchants, it’s not worth spending 100 gold on some gear just to die as a skeleton archer.
    • Also while visiting the dungeon, you will encounter statues with glowing orbs. They can be activated and you can “pray” for safety, speed, strength, or healing. Each statue has its own buff when you pray.
    • As far as I know, no damage has been caused by the fall.
    • Dragonflies are a total nuisance, although a good way to deal with them is to simply run away or go under them, they can’t attack straight down.
    • This game is an early playtest, playtests will come and go and with it, your characters, so don’t get too attached to them.
    • Don’t rush things, sometimes, it’s worth it to just stop and listen. You might hear footsteps just beyond the door you were about to walk through.

    That’s all I have, but I hope this helps. Be safe and have fun.

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