Call of Duty Mobile festive sale brings the ten days of special deals to 12 days


    Call of Duty Mobiles festive sale is live now, meaning you can grab discounts on weapons and skins all over the holidays through their 12 Days of Deals event. If you wait for a little more money, then now it’s time to do that.

    The CoD Mobile sale will be taking place until December 30/31 at 16:00 PT / 00:00 GMT. For a delicious gift, the tyre has plenty of time for this Christmas tree, so it isn’t difficult to spend any time in the hit mobile game.

    Most of the discounts are 55% off the Epic Gun-Block Box on Christmas Eve and 70% off the Nihonga Crate on December 29. See the full schedule here.

    Duty: A mobile phone.

    Below, you can get the latest TV trailer, which shows a virtual Snoop Dogg dressed as a Santa.

    • December 20: 10% off Holiday Redux.
    • 21 oct. 30% off Aero Source lucky box.
    • 20nd December: 15% off The Oddly Ride Legendary Grate.
    • December 23, 2013 – 10 % off Smash Smash.
    • October 24th: 55% off the Epic Gun Blind Box.
    • February 25: 52% off Mythic Card x1300.
    • Dec. 26th: 50% off session over crate.
    • December 27: Free of 10 off holiday games.
    • 25th December, a $30 discount from the Krak-a-Lacken Lucky Box.
    • Dec. 29: 70% off Nihonga Crate.
    • March 30 – 5% off Solstice Draw.
    • December 31: 10% off Dusty Trail + Tumbleweed Bundle.

    That’s all the time holiday cheer we’ve got from CoD Mobile. For more, check out our guide to the best portable gaming consoles if you can’t do anything on the go.


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