Char 2bis has been added to War Thunder


    The heavy French tank from the same period of the war, Char 2C, upgraded with a new turret with a 155-mm howitzer, is extremely dangerous!

    Heb of 4 (davy tank), France, ranked I.


    Great survivability Enstructive HE shells Low velocity Projectiles with low ballistics with low velocity.

    History reference:

    The development of the super-heavy breakthrough tank Char 2C began in 1917 during World War I. According to the experience of the French army, the tank had to combat the enemy long-term; and that was the long-term defense that became apparent, with a high rhombic hull and a tail for the trenches and obstacles, which determined its design by executing high-level adequacy. In spite of a mass of 70 tons and a low level of protection, the maximum speed of the tank didn’t exceed 15 km/h, and its reliability was very low. Of the 300 units that were designed for construction, only 10 were built. Every tank, like a ship, has its own name made up of French Provinces. One of them, Champagne, was fitted with a new turret in 1926 to accommodate a 155mm howitzer. The new turret turned out to be smaller than that serial turret with a 75 mm pistol, but some side machine guns needed to be dismantled. The defence for the Champagne family was blocked with other tanks from the series in July 1940. The ships blew up all the Char 2bis, except for the Champagne. This went almost intact and was put on display at the trophy show in Berlin. The Char 2bis tank is the oldest massive armored vehicle of history, and the biggest of its mass production is that it is overtaken its closest competitor, the Soviet T-35.

    The premium Char 2C will become one of the most unusual armored vehicles in the game. The largest tank of the period between the 1940s and the 1960s. The Char 2C is a sandbox’s real world king with a short-barreled 155 mm Howitzer, armor and 12 people (or more) from a small ship.

    This clumsy tank is only 15 miles per hour and lasts more than other tanks of the early time. Armors of up to 45 mm protect against hits on the Char 2C. Since the enemy attacked, it will have to work hard in order to get rid of the tanks or to dispense most of the 12 tankers in the French crew.

    When it is re-repelling shell after shell with strong armor and with its huge hull, the Char 2C unleashes a large-capacity fragmentation slap onto the I-1 stifle. Since ballistics don’t make this the most convenient weapon to shoot at any distance, in short, it’s an effective weapon!

    See the f1 of France’s class I premium tanks, this vehicle’s added to the game in the latest Apex Predators update!


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