Enjoy! Game of Trading Card Reveals Cyberstorm Access Booster set



    Konami revealed details for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! The Cyberstorm Free Set is called Trading Card Game booster set. This is a digital theme and content from this pack will take you to the Data Storm to acquire access to powerful monsters, spells and traps in a new set of core boosters. This set will come with 100 new cards, for which the difference is 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares and 10 Secret Rares. The set will end on May 5th 2023, and will cost 4,50 dollars in pack.

    Credit: Konami

    “Cyberstorm Access has a huge heap of powerful new monsters for your extra deck, and the new Link-6 evolution of Firewall Dragon is a huge haul! This 3500 ATK behemoth rewards you for combining classic Cyberse Link Summoning tactics with Ritual, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Summoning tactics. Back it up with the new “Code Talker” monster for an insignificant one-two punch! The journey of Visas Starfrost continues to a bizarre new world. The newest chapter of this story will reveal the mysteries with a powerful new Synchro Summoning strategy.

    If you look to the stars, you will find new cards for “tellarknights”, the all-time favorite of the Yu-Gi-Oh! a crater. And if you were a fan of ARC-V, fans of Gong Strong and his Superheavy Samurai style of Dueling are on the lookout for a treat, complete with lots of new cards, so they can get a stand in the face of adversity. You’ll also find new cards from the new set like Awesome Defenders and Photon Hirnova: one more example.

    • Adopter a new “peachy” monster!
    • Expand your “Rescue-ACE” barracks!
    • Meet a new dancer called Mokanko!
    • Get up and ride! The Gold Pride race walked off a chaotic and destructive start in Photon Hypernova. As soon as a new rider began a journey, the action continues.
    • And more!”



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