Infinite Lagrange is launching a second-party party



    NetEase games launched an entirely new event on Infinite Lagrange, as the mobile title celebrates the Twin Festival. The annual event gives the warm holidays to the coldest places of space. There are plenty of special activities for you to go out and grab as limited items are available only during this time. This includes sending special letters across the galaxy. We have the rundown of some of the activities that you can do, as it’s going to run the next few weeks, celebrating humanism in the community!

    Credit: NetEase Games.

    “Twin Festival began when a planet was discovered 4 light years ago. In preparation for this event, the L001AB Stargate will deploy all its logistics capabilities to save the lives of civilians through the galaxy. This tradition’s called the Twin Logistics sex, and spread to galaxies. Unfortunately, mail is often lost in intergalactic wars. The staff saw an email addressed to “Mom” and decided to protect the child from the harsh truth of war. They fake stories of a woman teasing into the M galaxy. It’s a great white lie for “galactic adventures”. A new concept video and a children’s song will be displayed this year at the Twin Festival. This is a further show on the cosmic humanism beyond time and space.

    “The touching story of Twin Logistics is a stunning example of Lagrange’s humanistic touch that traverses a thousand light years. The Twin Festival in Infinite Lagrange is launching an innovative humanistic interactive gameplay, offering an authentic atmosphere to all the Pioneers. Pioneers can talk to friends from the same galaxie and receive various sign-in rewards. Pioneers can now snap perfect pictures of the fleet via the Fleet Sharing feature, with new filters and stickers available, and participate in Twin Image’s creative interactive gameplay. Fleet photos can be sent across galaxies to give to galaxies with weapon technology and Proxima Coin as attachments.”



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