All the hidden achievements of 3.4 in Genshin Impact


    If you’re trying to get a few more Primogems in Genshin Impact, you could do worse than trying to complete some quick and easy hidden achievements. Update version 3.4 added new hidden blank achievements to meet and reward yourself with a handful of premium currency. Read on to find out what they are and how to check them off your achievement list.

    All hidden achievements added in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

    Here are all the hidden achievements you can complete that were added to Genshin Impact during the version 3.4 update:

    On a magic carpet ride

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    To complete this hidden achievement, you will need to complete the time trial at the location shown above. Get ready to slide for a while to complete the test on time.

    I hate them myself, flat out, and the one who controls the spice

    All three of these achievements can be achieved by fighting the Setekh Wenut. I Hate ‘Em Myself is awarded for being hit by Wenut. At full speed it will be completed when a Wenut attack destroys an eroded rock. He Who Controls the Spice requires you to take down the Setekh Wenut while he is in his flying form by using Hydro, Cryo, Pyro, or Electro on the Windbite Bullets that surround him.

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    Isn’t life wonderful?

    To obtain this achievement you must open all the entrances to the Wenut tunnels. They can be found near the City of the Dead Domain.

    The perfect sandstorm

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    This one is very easy. Just walk into the epic sandstorm in the center of Mount Demevand to get five easy Primogems.

    The Ancient Orchard and Spring and Genesis of the Rift

    There are seven sand waterfall puzzles in the Abandoned Temples area. Solve them all to unlock The Old Orchard and Spring. Also nearby, in the Wadi Al-Majuj area, are six wayfinder records. Read them all to unlock Rift Genesis.

    Dirge of Bilqis Achievements

    There are several hidden achievements that you will complete naturally as you complete The Dirge of Bilqis. They are the following:

    • “…Show the kingdoms your shame.”
    • You are from the Earth, and to the Arena you will return…
    • “It’s just an eternity of servitude!”
    • The loveless tarantula
    • The silent and dreamless paradise
    • In all its glory…

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