What are the glowing golden flowers in the Sumeru Caves in Genshin Impact?



    The Sumeru Tunnels are a dangerous frontier, teeming with flying serpents and electro-infused scorpions. These caverns are scattered throughout the Hadramaveth desert and can be found both by searching and by falling through the ground. While these tunnels are full of monsters, they also contain beautiful glowing flowers. Join us as we explain the purpose of these glowing flowers in Genshin Impact.

    What are the glowing flowers used for in the Sumeru caves in Genshin Impact?

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    These glowing flowers restore a portion of your stamina when you touch them. Passing by one of these flowers, half of your stamina bar will recharge. Similar plants that restore strength can be found on the sides of trees in Apam Woods. The purpose of these flowers is to facilitate the journey, since they prevent you from having to stop intermittently and wait for your energy to replenish. These glowing flowers, along with other travel aids like four-leaf seals, can only be found on Sumeru.

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    Little details like these stamina-restore flowers make Sumeru an enjoyable region to explore. Due to its sheer scale, Sumeru could have been a grueling journey from one waypoint to another. However, the game developers likely anticipated this issue and preemptively addressed it with the glowing flowers and four-leaf seals. These features make exploration less of a chore and more of a fun adventure. Hopefully, HoYoverse will take note of the overwhelmingly positive reception to these mechanics and implement them in Fontaine as well.

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