Destiny 2 ‘Unable to connect to Playstation Network’ – Fixes


    Destiny 2 is the popular FPS from Bungie that features an epic story and exciting gameplay. As an online title, Destiny 2 has numerous players and constantly receives updates. Unfortunately, with a large number of players and frequent updates, some issues are bound to appear, including a problem connecting to PSN. This may make you wonder how to fix Destiny 2 unable to connect to PlayStation Network error.

    How to fix Destiny 2 unable to connect to PSN

    Many players are affected by this error after updating Destiny 2. There are a few solutions you can try, but we also recommend verification If he psn servers they are down first. There is a problem with the servers; this would explain why you have this problem. Here’s how to fix Destiny 2 can’t connect to PSN.

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    • Restart your PS4 or PS5.
    • Restart your network connection.

    Outside of these two solutions, you can take things a step further by getting better his Wifi either Changing his DNS settings on your PlayStation. This will be the next step if the problem is on your end. Your other option would be to be patient and see if Sony or Bungie resolve the issue or if the issue resolves itself.

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