What is Surviving the Abyss? Underwater Survival Early Access and Trailer



    Surviving the Abyss is a city building simulation where you are in charge of creating an underwater human cloning facility. This indie game is being developed by Rocket Flair Studios and published by Paradox Arc. Surviving the Abyss is currently in Early Access, which means a lot can change until the game comes out.

    Everything we know about Surviving the Abyss

    What is the release date for Surviving the Abyss?

    While the official release date for Surviving the Abyss is still unknown, you can play the game right away as the game is currently in Early Access! If you want to wait a bit, you can keep up with the development process by following Rocket Flair Studios Y survival games On twitter.

    What platforms will Surviving the Abyss come to?

    Surviving the Abyss is announced for PC only. But, since the game is in early access, a lot can change until the release date.

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    What is Surviving the Abyss?

    Although the game looks like a futuristic city builder on a scary planet, it is quite the opposite. Surviving the Abyss is (or was?) actually happening in 1976 on Earth when scientists hatched a plan to create a scientific colony at the bottom of the sea. This is an extreme survival game where you have to make difficult decisions so that your crew can survive in difficult conditions. Check out the Surviving the Abyss developer blog for more information on the game.

    Trailer of Surviving the Abyss

    An early access trailer for Survigin the Abyss has been floating around for some time (pun intended). Check it out to feel the dark atmosphere under water, similar to the famous movie Abyss.

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