Warzone 2 is getting the need to buy stations and loading boxes for a long time


    Warzone 2 was a little tense. There are several other things that need an attention, but they can be attributed to them.

    This battle royale sequel to the popular Warzone has already seen a few changes. Now, changes have been made to buy station boxes.

    Buy Stations were relatively few in Warzone 2 and now you will see them appear much more frequently. Raven Software revealed the new Warzone two change on Twitter on Thursday, Dec. 15, and alerted players: A new update is live now that doubles the average number of Buy Stations per match.

    This update was nearly 180 points from what was earlier. The devs changed the prices between Al Masrah and Al Masrah the following day.

    The light switch took place today after the 3rd in the year.

    Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) December 16, 2022.

    Now there is more than enough stuff for you to find around the map. This means that it becomes much easier for those who’re having a bad time to keep fighting obliterates. To revive your friends sooner, you need to take as much cash as you can.

    Until the first day of the first meeting, the first of the first meeting will be held, at the same time. This is beneficial for players. It provides the opportunity to gain stronger weapons in each lobby.

    Players can now be more careful when they enter the game, rather than take advantage of the game after two minutes of gameplay with a kid sliding around a corner.


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