Rockstar Games successfully trolls GTA fans with a new video that gives three-dimensional video


    The Grand Theft Auto 6 is true and exists. We know that because Rockstar Games confirmed that it’s in active development earlier this year. Also, during August, there was a huge fire on the whole game’s release. However, outside of Take-Two Interactive, telling the developers that the development will go as planned, we didn’t hear any official GTA 6 info. Of course, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and / or / reaching.

    This 15-second clip is only a reminder of the content that has been published in GTA Online.

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    In fact, a clip filmed on Twitter by Rockstar Games sent fans into a frenzy. Many people believed that was Rockstar’s way of easing GTA 6:6? What seems to be this is the next mainline tournament.

    Keep in mind that the shifting colors are often associated with hallucinogenic drugs, which are front and center of the Los Santos Drug Wars.

    ‘Rockstar Games’ June 15, 2022.

    This is unlikely, since as much as we want to say that Rockstar is teasing GTA 6. I’m not surprised by how much Rockstar snuck in this short snippet related to GTA 6. I’m still in the same studio that has known for hiding easter eggs that take years to discover. Besides, didn’t we start to notice how Rockstar used GTA Online to tease GTA 6? At that point, fans will’ve come up with a lot of ado about nothing.

    The good news is that Rockstar appears to be their old friends. If Rockstar is out there trolling fans, then we know that Rockstar is the best player.

    The Los Santos drug war update has been well received by GTA Online players.

    The release of Los Santos Drug Wars is a part of a much larger update; fans will likely be able to get more new info to theory making and speculation. Who knows? One of these days, someone’ll find it right and hopefully we’ll get more attention with GTA 6. If not, then Rockstar knows how to keep us busy while preparing for GTA 6 coming out by 2024 or 2025, depending on who you want.


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