Toll: Dead Soundtrack released with Anime Music Video



    Classic covers and original compositions create a beautiful retro-mashup of tunes based on 3D action titles soundtrack.

    The soundtrack for the upcoming 110 Industries sword fight meets cover shooting action game Wanted: Dead is available now and has the ability to buy the soundtrack. In the original soundtrack, a picture of what would be the best of the games featured on Donna Summers, The Movie is He Taking The Money. This soundtrack includes a number of original tracks and some covers from Maniac and I Touch Myself.

    Wanted: Dead will hit PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on Valentine’s Day 2023, delivering violent combat, stylish manoeuvers John-Wickesque, and an eccentric cast of colorful characters. Wanted: Dead is developed by Japanese studio Soleil and features many of the talent that have helped create Ninja Gaiden. With its mixture of weapon and melee sword combat, with a cartoonishly-violent severing mechanic, Wanted: Dead teaches players to be effective at using combos, parries and other useful tools. It is a reward for the quality of sight and force that come with the successful fighting machine.

    Wanted: Dead is available for pre-order now ahead of the year of it’s February 14th launch on platforms PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. They are available online on PlayStation Network and the Xbox Marketplace for fifty dollars. Play the digital game 72 hours early if the players preorder the game. If the Xbox or PS re-ordered, a 365-page artbook with landscape, an 88-page Hardcover Design Works-Action and a Wanted: Dead steel book, a universal CD with 20 tracks, a Zombie Unit magnet, three postcards, a collector’s edition box, all the downloadable documents, plus the downloadable game.



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