Square Enix Primes, update 6.3, released with a new trailer



    During today’s television broadcast, SQUARE ENIX revealed that Final FANTASY XIV Onlines Patch 6.3: Gods Revel will be launched on January 10th 2023.

    A new trailer showed players what to expect when Patch 6.3 launches. There are a variety of new activities, including new main scenario quests, equestrian raid, trial, etc. I realised that when I saw the news, it was difficult to tell someone about the news.

    Patch 6.3: Quickly-read:

    • New Main Staken: The Warrior of Light finds an unexpectedally-connected ally in a half-voidsent woman called Zero. She goes for a minute and returns with them to the source and when she recovers from their recent trial, they take a moment to continue the search for Azdaja. A unforeseen threat still impedes their path.
    • New Side Story: The Story of Newfound Adventure.
    • New 8-player trial (A new challenge both at Normal and Extreme difficulties).
    • A New Unreal Trial Containment Bay P1T6 (Unreal) The demon, the unrefused commander loves stories of death-defying derring-do and – in order to satisfy him, put down your imagination in a frenetic encounter with the eikon Sophia. Today the memory is more vivid, when you look on the Goddess, where the beauty fades a lot, and even where you have the opportunity to be transformed into a good man, so you are finally feeling a joy.
    • A new 24-player alliance is based on the Myths of the Realm: Part 2: Euphrosyne.
    • New Ultimate game – The final installment of this apologies (Patch 6.31) Launching two weeks after Patch 6.3, challenge a dangerous version of Omega in the latest battle of this apologies.
    • The New Dungeon Lapis Manalis If you want to escape, you learn of a abandoned village in the mountains of Garlemald – where the garleans once practiced the reaper arts. But what will you find in the middle of the mountain?
    • Duty Support Updates Support will be added to the remaining andheavensward main scenario dungeons (the Great Gubal Library, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, The Antitower, Sohr Khai, The Xelphatol and Baelsars Wall) so they can be completed with a party of NPC allies.
    • Island Sanctuary updated A number of improvements in life quality, new ranks, crops, animals and more.
    • Gold Saucer updates new Leap of Faith map.
    • Updates Overseas New treasure hunt dungeon, some new retainer upgrades, new Crystalline Conflict PvP arena, new custom deliveries, and more.
    • New Tribal Quests: Loporrits New daily quests for Disciples of the Hand.
    • New Deep Dungeon: Eureka Orthos The highly anticipated successor to the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.
    • Another way toward Hildibrand Adventures.
    • Manderville Police – Updates for Manderville’s weaponry

    All players can celebrate the Starlight Celebration in-game and participate in an adventure to obtain new items, including a new mount, the Starlight Steed. Additionally, as the year ends and an old year begins, players can celebrate the annual Heavensturn in-game seasonal event which runs from January to 16th – which gives players fun rewards like that.

    Until January 18th, 2023 in North America fans can also buy FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker Standard & Collectors Editions and FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Edition and Complete Collectors Edition for up to 50% off through the SQUARE ENIX store, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station and PlayStation Store.

    Finally, players on North American data centers can use the new Worlds that started by the new logical data center, Dynamis. This addition is launched on November 1st, and will help reduce congestion in the peak period in the continually expanding player base. In the future, you’ll be excited to start expanding again.



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