How to increase approval rating in Manor Lords


    If you want to become a successful ruler in Manor Lords, you must make your citizens happy. If you don’t take care of the villagers, they will leave your farm in search of better living conditions. Here’s how to increase your approval rating in Manor Lords.

    How to improve happiness in Manor Lords

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    Approval rating measures your popularity among villagers and influences population growth and the morale of your militia. It varies from 0% to 100% and ideally it should be above 80% at all times. High approval will attract new villagers, and if it drops below 50%, your citizens will slowly begin to leave your city. There are several ways to ensure your citizens are happy.

    Always have enough food and fuel.

    Villagers can ask for many things, but first they must have enough food and fuel. The best way to have enough food is to build enough hunting camps and foraging cabins. Later, you should build chicken coops and orchards in the backyards of the villagers’ houses.

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    To keep the villagers warm, prepare enough firewood and then build a charcoal furnace to create charcoal. You will need it a lot if you want to expand your town and have all the citizens prepared for the winter season. When they are well fed and warm, they will ask for a better variety of foods at the market. You’ll be perfectly fine if you have berries, meat, and eggs, but you can also invest in farm fields so you can make bread. That takes a little work, so if necessary have a variety of market food Quick, import other types of food through the trading post.

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    Make or import clothing.

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    When you start leveling up your town, your villagers will want better clothes. You can make clothes yourself if you have sheep that give you wool, berries for dyeing fabric in a weaver’s workshop, skins for a tannery, and level 2 craftsmen from the shoemaker and tailor’s workshop in Burgage Plot. Or you can just import clothes from the Trading Post, like I did.

    Build buildings that improve the quality of life of the villagers.

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    Build a church near houses, as it is the most important building to improve the approval rating in Manor Lords. Your villagers will respect God’s presence near their homes, which will improve their overall happiness. To double down on the religion, hire a family to work there and be sure to upgrade to Stone Church as soon as possible.

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    You will also want to build a Tavern where villagers can drink beer. and talk about how much they respect you. You must first upgrade your city to level 2 and make sure to make beer yourself with the resources you grew or import the ingredients needed for your brewery (craft in Burgage Plot). I suggest you import ingredients or import beer, since everything related to farming is time consuming.

    Now that you know how to increase approval rating in Manor Lords, the next step is to learn the best ways to improve influence in Manor Lords in the pro gaming guides.

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