Complete Parrying Guide: How to Parry Bosses in Stellar Blade


    Mastering parries in Stellar Blade is essential to surviving encounters with bosses and elite enemies. In this complete parrying guide, I’ll show you how to properly parry bosses in Stellar Blade.

    How the parrying mechanics work in Stellar Blade against bosses

    In Stellar Blade, parrying is not a quick tap but a timed wait. When you anticipate an attack, hold down the button L1 button and only release once you receive visual, audio, or rumble feedback indicating a successful stop. The window for this action is generous, allowing you to adapt your timing to the pace of the game. Anticipating the boss’s attacks is key to getting a suitable group, as is the case in all souls-type games. Here are some of the main stopping points I’ve learned during my time playing:

    1. Press and hold: Instead of tapping, hold L1 when anticipating an attack. Release after receiving the stop response.
    2. Timing practice: Spend time in practice mode to become familiar with the timing of enemy attacks. Understanding attack patterns is crucial to a successful parry.
    3. Visual cues: Pay attention to visual cues from enemies to better predict when to initiate a parry.
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    Advanced stopping techniques

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    1. Beta Attack Tracking: After a successful parry, you can execute a secondary beta attack without consuming an additional beta meter, improving your counterattack strategy. Using this method is especially important against bosses, as you need to land hits as often as possible to deplete their large health reserves.
    2. Aerial Dodge and Slash: Master the timing of aerial dodges and follow up with an aerial slash to gain aerial advantage. Most bosses will be vulnerable to this exploit.
    3. Dodge mechanics: Learn the nuances of ground dodging, including the backflip maneuver, which requires no directional information and offers strategic positioning.
    4. Beta Chain Attack: Use the beta chain attack during combos to maximize damage while conserving the beta meter.

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    Additional Combat Tips

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    • Skill Tree Exploration: You can grab to improve your parrying skills. If you’re struggling, there’s a Focus Boost skill to make it easier. If you’re confident, you can take one of several counter skills or a beta recharge skill to help you in combat.
    • Entry Delay Sensitivity: If you experience input lag, especially when playing on a TV, turning on game mode can mitigate the issue and provide a more responsive gaming experience.

    Use parry practice to beat bosses

    Here are some key points to practice parrying to defeat bosses in Stellar Blade.

    1. Familiarization: Start by familiarizing yourself with the hold-to-stop mechanics in a low-risk environment or in practice mode.
    2. Enemy Study: Focus on learning the attack pattern of one enemy at a time, starting with simpler enemies before taking on the boss challenges.
    3. Using comments: Use feedback from successful parries to perfect your timing, with the goal of understanding the window for each enemy’s attacks.
    4. Repetition: Constant practice is key. Repeat parrying drills with multiple enemies to develop muscle memory and confidence in your parrying skills.

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