This game has been the number one for weeks! The new book is available on Steam



    Steam regularly share the best-selling, discounting, and extending games every week. In the updated bestseller list, we notice that discounted games are in the top of the list.

    FIFA 23 is first in the world!

    If we look at Steam’s bestseller list, we see FIFA 23 first. Developed by Electronic Arts, the game is currently sold at $229 and then $399, instead of $399 and will be reduced to 60%.

    ELDEN RING, which has been competing for the first time with FIFA 23 for weeks, became the second best-selling game. The production in question was included in the winter savings and is sold for 419,30 TL instead of 599,00 TL with a 30% discount. The best-selling games between 27 December 2022 and 31 January 2023 were listed by comparison;

    Steam has already launched. Which operating system do gamers prefer?

    Steam shared the survey results for November. Here are the most used operating systems.

    –38 %, Then -Sea of Dead 3: –44,40: –75: -64: –32,70: –54:8Akn –Gifted. -56: -42:—44:–44: –23: –53:: —32:–Gift; –45:—Rallye /Repair

    What do you think of the most expensive games on Steam this week?



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