The trouble with the smear and the problem of gunplaying led to TimTheTatman losing faith in Warzone 2 and ignoring the 2nd


    TimTheTatman has taken a page out of Dr Disrespects book: the YouTube star has a clue which his biggest problem is when Warzone 2 is headed towards 2023, but insists that his critiques are from a place of love.

    This problem is not for him; it is probably due to time. How made him realize was watching a viral TikTok show that Aydan was gunned down by a random player disgustingly fast.

    TimTheTatman didn’t believe what he was seeing. He said that the sky was almost like you blitzed and you died, during his stream on Jan 3rd. He was a big help to try to respond to his attack. He said it’s on par to the time that was the earliest weapon that everyone agreed that was very strong.

    For this reason, hes convinced the CoD battle royale, its most important issue now by farand it isn’t confined to a specific weapon.

    TimTheTatman has often lost weight because he has the time to kill himself. Look no further than the dark and disinspiring one-shot gun loadout he put up on the stream. The fact that time-to-kill is a hot topic among players, most agreeing it to their liking very fast, and a major question that needs to be addressed. He isn’t alone because he thinks so.

    Aydan shouldn’t die faster than the brain can react, she said. Nobody’s dead faster than DMR. As humans, it should not take longer to kill a robot than a person.

    Only time will tell whether the developers view that as an issue worth being addressed or if they pounce on a game changer Tim and others need to change their style.


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