The voices of a single producer, Solid Snake and a song like Liquid Snake wished everyone Merry Christmas with the Christmas song



    David Hayter and Cam Clarke, respectively, the voice actors of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake, have decided to give a special Christmas present to Kojima fans by performing a parody of The Grinch, the Christmas song of the two characters.

    The song, “Liquid Grinch”, is a parody of that Christmas song, Mr. Grinch, used in the 1965 teleplay “The Grinch and the Christmas Tale!” the American classic became popular.

    The film’s adapted to Metal Gear, and dated by Aladdin, consists mostly of Liquid and solid which insult each other while quoting names, terms and other elements well known to the fans of the series, such as FOXDIE, Moot Moses and Big Boss, and these are just some of them. In the meantime, we can get stock pictures and scenes from the game Cube remake of the Twin Snakes.

    According to rumors, a Metal Gear Solid remake is being developed by Virtuos. While putting Konami on its official website, the company listed it as one of its partner companies.



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