The Psychological Horror Games Anthology of Fear begins In 2023



    The Games announced that the games will be releasing anthology of fear. The game was very popular in a hot minute with a free demo available for everyone to try on Steam. But there hasn’t really been any idea when we’ll actually see it until now. The date of official release provided this week was March 17-2023. We’ll see whether they can stick to that or if they want to push it back, but based on the issues we’ve been exposed to this way, it might be a safe bet to say it gets pushed back into later this Spring.

    Promouvoir the antithesis of fear with a free copy of 100 Games.

    “After months of research, nobody can locate your brother. If all hope for help is lost, you’ll take the decision over your head. Confront yourself with the mystery of the disappearance of your brother while it is able to take your way through the unsettling liminal locations. Take part in a group investigation, and solve the mystery of the disappearance of your brother. Discover the truth, while looking at unsettling liminal spots. Although you can survive the nightmare, you may find danger. Discover the story chapters by chapters; each chapter shows their common tragedy.

    “Explore embodied horrors of the human consciousness and fight to find your brother.” Your personal investigation finds you in an abandoned medical center. You discover more closely what’s happening, as well as how it is about people who were associated with it. Leave your brother to remember the same thing about the missing person. Experience the unforgetable, survive the unimaginable, and put together the pieces. Don’t forget about the dangers waiting for you to lie. I’ll think to myself, and that will tell you what is happening.



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