The Protection of genshins: What does it give, who needs it and how to increase them?


    A Defense in Genshin Impact is a attribute that gives the effects of incoming damage to the earth. As much as the defense value increases, less damage was received from the attack than the active character. Nevertheless, for some heroes, such as itto or Albedo, the stat is different: damage or damage depends on it.

    In the article, we’ll tell you how protection works, who needs it and what it gives, and as well think about what formula has the effect of it. I propose the best weapons and artifacts to help this.

    What makes Genshin Protective, impact.

    Defense reduces damage taken. The higher the pressure, the less HP is taken away from enemy attacks. This stat is available only for opponents and playable characters. There are mechanics to combat weapons and fight weapons and heal, but many people are willing to play the game.

    How protection works in Genshin.

    Each character who is on the screen of his characteristics has some protection, see above. The formula states this number:

    How do you guys do this?

    Meals multiplied by base protection hero; Added on top bonuses in numbers.

    The Protect option is used in the Defense Defense Damage Reduction Program. The reduction value is calculated using the formula below. It’ll always be higher than 0, but less than 1! A value closer to zero means a bad damage reduction, closer to 1 good.

    Finally, the formula multiplier calculates all pure damage shown before being displayed. This is the same parameter that multiplied the damage dealt in the game.

    The only way to multiply damage by factor is to multiply damage from the opponent. For example, when the enemy net attacks are 1500 and the damage reduction from defense is 0,4 (weak), factor defense will be 0,6 (1-0,4) and therefore the character will receive 1500*6,6=900 damage. If the incoming damage is 1500 and the defense damage reduction is 0.9 (a good reduction), then the multiplier is 0.1, which means 1200*1=150 damage will be taken.

    You can predict the number of damage from a battle, without knowing all your defense and his attacks (using the main strike of deserters). Noelles defenses are 708 p.m. base at the age of 80. Another 159 adds bonus (22.5%).

    Who needs protection in Genshin Impact?

    Noelle is an extremely defense-dependent person. This stat is related to the effective treatment and absorption of the ruffles, as well as of the linois, especially in syndros.

    Goros are hitting harder according to defense. Let’s draw on the 4th floor of heros exaltation: the passage of this stage will, in addition to the damage of the E-shka and the commanders ult, based on the defense. Goro begins to heal herself, too. By a large number of ways, he doesn’t stand his opponents. Albedos elemental skills damage are built on defense. On C2, elemental explosion will also be related to this stat. In Itto, the damage of the ult is determined by the defense indicator, also the effectiveness of the edm is directly dependent on this parameter. From the 4th stage of the ascension, the attack of the Arataki kesaragi by 35% is higher than that stat. Yun Jin converts his defense into a tyre to normal attacks after triggering the Golderblust Roll Breaker banner.

    How to increase the defense ingenshin impact

    Defense artifacts are meant for defense.

    Use a couple of artifacts to describe this.

    Lucky: 2 pcs boost defense by 100. Protectors are a propelled to protect: two pcs increase defense by 30 %. Sweet Dreams cocoon: two pcs. gives + 30% protection, and 4 pcs. can improve to + 24% defense and attack.

    Always give up on additional stats. Remember that percentage bonus multiplied only by the protection of the character himself and total prize.

    Arms for defense

    There are weapons in the genshin which protect is an additional characteristic.

    There is also a weapon that alters the characteristics through the activation of a passive skill.

    Aliments for protection

    Teyvat is full of dishes that temporarily enhance the character’s protection. Include them:

    Red oil. A sandwich. Beloved of a nut. A sandwich from the Fisherman. Golden crabs. We will bring a little extra water. Lotus biscuit. Moon cake. You may get lots of mushrooms. The soup is Ozzoni. Wakatakeni. Biryani. Breads are sharp.

    Character buffs

    Some C0 heroes can improve their or group defense with skills: skills!

    Eola increases her ability to use Ice Surf. Goro exposes the e-shka, which will give the whole group a greater protection. The skill level determines the power of the buff.

    Others can also learn the magic trick after setting up the constellations.

    Heroes Rise!

    Ascension and pumping is a high defense factor for each hero. Noelle is the only character with whom defense is, too, a bonus characteristic of exaltation.

    Hero Talents

    Goros’ second passive Defying the elements will eloquently reduce team defense by 25. After turning on his ult, the waiter left at twelve sec.

    a constellation of heroes is being built.

    The enemy’s liltynas is built to keep the enemy’s mind awake for 10 seconds. Lisa on S2 while long-reading your skills increases self-defense by 25 % and resists interruption. Xiao S4: He receives a defense bonus of 100% when his HP drops below 50%. Yun Jin S4 leading to the Crystal reaction increases self defense by 20 for 12 seconds.

    We hope this guide helped you understand the meaning of Defense in Genshin. The training manual, Elemental Mastery and Energy Recovery. We’ll take notice of new products and see a few maps, guides, etc.


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