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    Rampant welcomes you to the battlefield! Team up with your friends, choose your weapons and abilities, and battle against other teams in this adrenaline-pumping Roblox experience. There are various objectives such as capture the flag, become king of the hill, and a regular team deathmatch. Get more kills than any other player on your server to top the leaderboards.

    Codes for Rampant will allow players to level up faster and unlock different weapons. This will be especially helpful for new players, who are just getting into the game, to get them off the ground faster. For more Roblox battle experiences, check out Arsenal Codes for a boost in in-game currency.

    List of all rampant codes

    Rampant Codes (Running)

    You must be part of the developer. Alpha Engine Roblox Group to redeem Rampant codes.

    • JUST RELEASED—Redeem for x65 gems (New)

    Unbridled (Expired) Codes

    • There are currently no expired Rampant codes.

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    How to Redeem Codes in Rampant

    Redeeming the codes at Rampant it is simple. Follow our instructions below:

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    • Go to the Rampant Roblox page and click on the game. developer name on the right side of the game.
    • Click on the Join the group button. This will allow you to redeem the codes in-game.
    • Start Rampant on Roblox.
    • In the main menu, look for the codes on the left side of the screen and press it.
    • Enter the code in the popup menu.
    • Click on the Redeem button.

    How can you get more Ramapant codes?

    You can get more codes for Rampant by following the game’s developer, Alpha Engine, on their Twitter page. @AlphaEngineRBX and his youtube channel @jacobchen2481. You can also join your Alpha Engine Discord Server. It is always a good idea to press Ctrl+D or use a bookmark button on your mobile device to bookmark this page, as we always keep all code articles up to date. This will ensure that you never miss any new code released by the developers!

    Why aren’t my rampant codes working?

    There could be a couple of reasons why your Rampant codes are not working. If you entered the codes in-game manually, a typo might have occurred. Sometimes the codes are misspelled or missing punctuation marks. It is always a good idea to copy the codes from the code list and paste them into the game to avoid errors. The codes could also be expired. Many developers release the codes as part of an event or holiday. Such codes usually have a finite life and do not last forever. Always claim your codes as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on any freebies!

    How to unlock new weapons in Rampant?

    It is possible to unlock new weapons in Rampant by playing and gaining experience. The more fights you win, the more experience in the game you will get. Try to join a team of players with more experience in the game to level up faster and earn rewards for completing quests more easily. Remember, Rampant is a team-based game, and a well-organized group will always have the advantage.

    What is rampant?

    Rampant is a simple yet fun Roblox PvP fighting experience. There are no classes in the game, but players can choose their weapons which also give them combat stats such as health and damage. Players can team up and fight for objectives such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, or they must capture certain points on the map to win the game.

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