The best buildings and developments to unlock first in Manor Lords


    Building order is crucial to all city building games, and Manor Lords is no exception; I restarted the game many times until I figured out which buildings to unlock first (a familiar syndrome to anyone with experience in this genre). Use this list of the best buildings to unlock first in Manor Lords to save yourself some trouble.

    Best Buildings to Build First in Manor Lords (Build Order)

    Your first task in Manor Lords is to make sure your villagers are fed and warm. To make sure everything runs smoothly, follow the order of building the first structures below.

    • Good – The villagers need water, so build the well in the area where there is groundwater (marked in blue)
    • Hunting camp or gatherer’s cabin – Food is the next thing we need to worry about.
    • Lumber camp – You’ll need wood for the new buildings, so don’t skip this one.
    • Woodcutter’s Lodge – Firewood is essential to keep your people warm.
    • Market-Villagers need a place to sell their goods, so reserve a large space for a market. While it will be small at first, it will expand quickly as your city grows. I recommend a 24-stall market.
    • Houses (Burgage Plots) – We are building six houses for now, but we are planning more very soon. A family uses a house. You need at least one family per building. Build Burgage plots near the market and make sure each house has a large enough garden (to grow food in the near future). Build houses all the time, but make sure you have enough food.
    • Barn – You need it to store your food.

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    • Sawmill – Build planks.
    • Store – Storage of items you own.
    • Trading Post – Now you are ready to operate! Build a stand next to the main road and focus on selling boards and food. Sell ​​everything you can to have enough wealth to invest in other resources that you must import. This will help you upgrade your backyard extensions to get more food offerings (eggs and vegetables) in the market.
    • Church – You need religion in your village to be able to improve the level of your house.
    • Upgrade Burgage plots to level 2 – You must upgrade your city as you need coal, which is essential to keep your people warm and happy. Hovering over the houses will reveal what they want (mainly clothes), so import those items to speed things up.
    • build a mine – If you are close to your settlement, build a mine (or quarry), as this is another great opportunity to spam Trade Post with resources to sell.
    • Constantly build houses and expand them, making sure you have enough firewood and food. At this point, you will have to decide whether to focus on agriculture or livestock. I prefer sheep because they are easier to keep. You will need both at some point.
    • If you’re playing a game that includes combat, this is a point where you should start thinking about weapons. You can trade them or upgrade houses to make your villagers craftsmen.

    The best development skill tree is unlocked to take it early – Manor Lords

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. coal burning – Satisfy basic needs by unlocking the Charcoal Furnace building, which allows you to create charcoal.
    2. Commercial Logistics – Your progress depends on trade, but opening trade routes is expensive. With this upgrade, they cost only 25 riches. He would even consider this update to be the first to speed up trading.
    3. Best offers – Makes everything you buy cheaper by 10 points, which is a lot, especially if you order more expensive items.

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