The new French feature threatens Spotify?


    News JVTech Spotify in danger because of this new French feature?

    Published on 12/15/2022 at 05:35.

    Christmas is good for celebration. And what better way to party than to play music? The French application, as it has understood, is not what Deezer has now done, and with its new functionality, it has been a humbling blow to the music streaming platform market. What to worry about with Spotify?

    The Frenche who wants to catch up with Spotify!

    Where we talk about a music platform, the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps Spotify. However, in France, there’s a real chance that someone in Deezer was a dearth of genuine friends. Originally founded a year ago by its Swedish counterpart, Deezer also offers a few subscriptions, as well as a variety of titles available for listeners and those who are seeking a new one.

    But when it comes to challenges, it is time for us to innovate to stand out and gain market share. There is no better way of seeing what Deezer has learned, so take a break. In December, the French company rediscovered its brand new feature. And as we explain in the introduction, this new addition seems to be timely. As for competitiveness, music enthusiasts can compete with the competition and study abroad, with the passage of blind test tests on the application. If you can’t afford a streaming service, please don’t hesitate to contact the streaming company.

    Blind tests will invite them to use Deezer.

    However, I don’t know much about you, but from the side of our ears, we think this is very cool. Because to be completely honest, we don’t understand why blind tests haven’t arrived sooner on music streaming, since karaoke has already been there for quite a while now except for Apple Music that has just launched Sing.

    Hence, it was through a video of thirty seconds that we learned that the French platform was going to offer musical quizzes now. And for the first time, Deezer used to be happy and understandable by comparing each blind test to a playlist of 10 tracks. The principle is the following: when it comes to determining the correct title, you earn your points as fast as you can. Each song plays 30 seconds for a maximum of four replies. If one squints correctly, one is able to earn up to 100 points, and for every second of waiting before the answer, points can be deducted from the final score.

    Honestly, after reading the test last night, you’ll be aware of the system. The playlists are varied and rarely offer the same title from one game to the next. As for general playlists, tests for blindness are classified in the category of artists, decades or specific themes. On the other hand, it’s still impossible to do what we see with our friends and relatives, but at the same time you share your score with social networks, and challenge them through this intermediary. It is probably quite obvious that since we don’t know yet, Deezer will continue to flesh out the feature, even if it finds some success.

    Apart from the competition, we think that it’s a good way to explore new titles and artists, but also to live up our journeys on the public transportation without having to enter a third party application.


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