Henry Cavill won’t be returning to the Superman, change of plans made officially announced


    Two months ago Henry Cavill announced he would return as a Superman in the DC movie theaters. That’s not the case now. The actor revealed that the company isn’t going to give space to his Superman anymore.

    The information was shared on instagram by Henry Cavill, where he wrote: “This is my first meeting and I have a sad news for everyone.” I’ll probably be absent from my job. “After the firm told me to return in October, I could return, so as to keep it.“ This news isn’t so easy, but life is life. The changing of the police are always inevitable. I respect that. James and Peter have a thriving universe. I wish everyone involved in the new universe all the best of luck and happiness in the world.

    For those who have been by me for a long time, we might be sad, but remember that Superman is always around. Everything he represents still exists, and his examples are still here. If I don’t don the cape, nothing will come into my mind. It was a fun journey with you, all with your souls, with your souls and you soul!

    Nevertheless, we have clear confirmation of what is happening.


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