The Gran Turismo Historical Anniversary Special 25 years of real driving simulators


    The subtitle says everything when Gran Turismo launched in May 1997, against the already established racing game competition of Ridge Racer, Need for Speed and, of course, Mario Kart. Instead of driving excesses, chases and super-foot spectacle, Polys Entertainment, which later trades under the name “Polyphony Digital”, set itself up to push the standards towards more realism and more scope. You can sit in less than 140 vehicles now, and using Sonys new controller for the still young PlayStation, the DualShock, you can steer the cars more precisely than ever before. Almost 11 million copies sold PlayStation 1 record! This is not only the remarkable technology, i.e. the attention and the genius of the gran turismo mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi, who he said, worked almost all the time in his life on the first incarnation of his lifes work.

    In the mid-1990s, the first major Gran Turismo offers a level of realism for the first time, and a significant role has been played in the successful Playplay.

    He was born in 1968 in Japan and started his first car simulation at the age of 15. After studying computer graphics in 1992, he came to Sony where they were working totally on the separation from Nintendo and their own game console.

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