It’s not cool. Boxbox requires greedy Twitch stars to stop asking their fans for donations, subs – and then ask for donations, please



    Boxbox is a top 150 streamers on Twitch with more than two million followers on his channel, especially among League of Legends and TFT fans. He says he cant stand at the broadcasting world, but that’s some aspect of the world he says isn’t going to be here yet.

    On Dec. 22, Boxbox sounded tired of streamers asking viewers to subscribe, even if they’re doing more than okay, and those who do low-effort subathons.

    According to the 26-year-old content creator, many streams try to sell what he called “My poor”. Please support me stories that he is not very happy with. He denied calling them, but claims to know how much they make, he said — which is more than an average annual salary every three weeks. She said that it wasn’t cool.

    Boxbox also mocked those who do less than one hour of subtygy in a year.

    He doesn’t elaborate on what is called low-effort, but fans believe he’s talking to normal streams with subtimers tacked on. He even said that he was talking about kkatamina.

    Boxbox instead of stirring drama, to remind fans that he won’t ask them for permission to subscribe or give for money. He wants to keep a cool shit on the stream, and sometimes shove ads down [to his] throat, which is the reason he makes money.

    He seemed to imply anything else was a bonus, and said that those who beg or goad viewers to forking out more are really greedy because they’re all overpaid, so he doesn’t feel any sympathy for them.

    He doesn’t think that doing it for smaller streamers is an exception.



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