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    Spiritomb’s unique Ghost/Dark typing is only shared with Sableye in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, making it quite good defensively. Spiritomb’s offensive capabilities aren’t too bad and it has the same amount of attack and special attack. Whether players are trying to beat the core game or use Spiritomb for VGC, what it does well remains pretty much the same between casual and competitive play. These are the best Spiritomb moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

    The best setup for Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Spiritomb has great bulk and Poison resistance with three immunities to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic-type moves. There are two sets of cheats that Spiritomb can take advantage of and they are very different from each other:

    spite and pressure

    • Spite
    • Sucker Punch/sneaky shadow
    • Wildfire
    • pain division

    offensive set

    • nasty plot
    • ball of darkness
    • dark pulse
    • pain division

    Pain Split will have to be learned through breeding or mirror grass but it is the best way for Spiritomb to recover HP. Because Spiritomb has the same Defense and Special Defense, it doesn’t have to worry as much about getting hit on either side. For its offensive moves, without Nasty Plot, your best options are Sucker Punch and Shadow Sneak because both are priority moves that will normally move first. With Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, and Dark Pulse are strong special moves that Spiritomb can deal damage with and then recover its HP with Pain Split afterwards.

    Using Spite, Spiritomb can cause Pokemon to start having trouble in combination with its Ability, Pressure. Pressure will cause opposing Pokemon to use up two PP when using a move, while Spite will remove that move’s PP by 4. By using Pain Split to restore HP, Spiritomb can quickly stall the opposing Pokemon until it struggles and can’t do anything. nothing more to harm. itself. Will-O-Wisp will lower Pokémon’s Attack, making this set very effective against Pokémon with Physical moves.

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    What are the best counters for Spiritomb?

    The best counters for Spiritomb are the fairy types that can deal super effective damage to it. Most Psychic-type Pokemon can also learn Fairy Moves and they usually use Special Moves as well. Spiritomb does best against Pokemon without access to Fairy-type moves, making many Dark-, Psychic-, and Grass-type Pokemon good counters. Psychic-type Pokemon are weak to both of Spiritomb’s STAB moves, making it an attrition battle most of the time.

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