The puzzle game Tin Hearts, in lemming, comes to an end April 20, 2023



    The untitled Lemming game Tin Hearts is going to launch on April 20, 2023 for Xbox, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 – 3, 400, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, the publisher Wired Productions announced.

    The magic is a story behind every brilliant invention. The members of the team behind Fable bring you the fun-themed puzzle, filled with mystery, love, and compromise.

    Go to a tin army squad through the magical world of games using a variety of inventive and imaginative gadgets to jump, shoot and slide toward the target. Complete over 40 skills of puzzles and learn how to win the world. Explore your toys and solve the difficult puzzles to unravel the emotional, thought-provoking story of Albert J. Butterworth, the genius inventor of Victorian times.



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