Tesla launches Tesla Electricity store


    Tesla has launched Tesla Electric, a electricity store that will replace the Powerwall owners.

    Tesla Electric permits Powerwall owners to generate and use renewable power to produce homes pic.twitter.com/JHZ48NSwUS/.

    Tesla (@Tesla) December 15, 2022

    Tesla Electric will let your Powerwall automatically decide when and when to sell electricity to the grid. Tesla says it will also help users with their sustainability goals if they import electricity from the grid as it is made up of 100 percent renewable energy.

    What a wonderful ship! Tesla Electric in Texas, a real time electricity offer for Solar and Powerwall exports. https://t.co.it/0hbv0MR49 pic.twitter.com/JkKooCvl6k

    Alex Guichet (@AlexGuichet) December 15, 2022

    Alex Guichet talked a little bit about Tesla Electric on Twitter. This is a very competitive rate offer. It has a flat price structure, but powerwall and Tesla Electric Mode are your buffers for keeping the lowest price, writes a thread.

    For now, Tesla Electric is only available for select customers in Texas. A visit to other states will bring more power. It’s unclear whether or not it’s possible to expand further into another country, Canada or in that particular area.

    More information about Tesla electric can be found here.

    Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

    Via: Elektrek.


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