Serenity Forge plans on Roman Sands RE:Buildings



    Forge and naive developer Arbitrary Metric announced their new game, Roman Sands RE:Build, which will be available sometime in 2023. This is probably one of the more visually stunning titles created by either party, as the artwork of the paradise pops off the screen and brings you to this world instantly. The game has the ability to mix action and puzzle solving into what seems like a crazy visual novel about surviving in a place you don’t want to be. We’re looking forward to learning more about it in the coming year. However, for now, the game is still based in the area for you. As well as the latest trailer, as you can wishlist the game on PC and Switch with Steam as well.

    Credit: Serenity forge.

    “Walking on the shores of a timeless luxury retreat, you will be familiar with the unobstructed inhabitants of your country. They await the day the Sun will swallow the world. You’re obligated to defend their whims. There’s more to that than to one’s eye. Could you find out why you exit? The world outside is unhabitable. You live within a zoological research facility. An elderly voice on the radio makes you vulnerable to life support. In spite of decay, you need to leave yourself for something new. From the studio behind the award-winning Paratopic, Stories lie a new way. Roman Sands RE:Build is a journey to the apokalypse – a novel that starts with the visual novel, adventure, puzzle solving, horror and survival simulation. Your vacation begins in summer 2023.



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