A new trailer is for dinosaur hunting game Prehistoric Hunt


    After two years, the developer and publisher of antiproto Studios released Prehistoric Hunt on PC with Steam Early Access. Since then, the studio continues to improve the game and has released a full stream of exciting updates that make an already excellent gaming experience even better.

    The Prehistoric Hunt is a game that engenders you and your friends in an intense dinosaur hunting adventure. Complete hunting contracts for Preton Corp, collect rewards, turn your equipment up and do that and become a master hunter. A brand new trailer was unveiled today.

    Prehistoric Hunt is the best free trial for dinosaur hunting based on a big island. In the island, dinosaurs are all different kinds of animals and these animals are inhabited by a variety of animals. Your task is hunt dinosaurs, and complete other hunting tasks in order to earn rewards with new equipment or free hunt whatever you want. This is a space where people can find a ground-based footprint and listen to dinosaurs’ calls to catch the prey they are seeking. While some are more calm herbivores, others more aggressive carnivores. One must be a dinosaur, so that one can observe different species. Hunting can be done with standard guns, but with tranquilizers and bows, too. There are many weapons that have the power to burn.


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