Sands of Salazar – Legendary Story Quest (Then How to Finish)



    Due to in-game translation problems and general poor design, a few main quests and EX quests don’t explain well how you’re supposed to tackle them. I hope that helps you navigate some of the more confusing questions, as seen by the number of people asking for help in the discussion forums.

    The main story

    in hell

    To complete this quest you must find the leaders of all 5 factions and convince them to sign the peace treaty. Usually faction leaders don’t wander too far from their territory and capital, so it’s not that hard to find them. (Optionally, you can subjugate all leaders in your or another faction’s name, removing the need for contracts)

    • Hasnoo – Leader of the Nasir Clan: After a really tough fight based on Redstone Valley at Redstone Cape, he’ll ask you to find the Black Blood Crystal. Ask a hotel girl about it, and she’ll take you to Twinlona Valley, north of Northport (an NPC near the Weeping Rock entrance gives you more specific directions). Everything is straight forward after that.
      • If you are playing as a Shaman and have completed your EX quest line, make sure you have the crystal in your inventory and not equipped to complete the quest.
    • Rabia – Dakin Clan Leader: Just follow the tracker in a straight-forward quest based on Triptych Rock in Crying Rock.
    • Bahat – Akhal Clan Leader: Based at the Camel Bull Bazaar in the western Dokana Desert, if you are friendly with his faction, he will ask you for a painting of the late king’s daughter. Then just follow the tracker.
    • Ruha – Leader of the Dheb Clan: Based in Frost Valley in the Zagros Mountains you need to defeat a giant without killing it (one hit) so that the swordsman can follow you. Your best bet is in combat range, as he has three attacks that are easily dodged.
    • Ludo Khan – Leader of the Thor Clan: To complete your quest based on Phryne at Umbra Cliffs in the Underworld – you must go to Frost Valley in the Zagros Mountains to make a compromise. There you will find an NPC called Beautiful Woman who asks you to protect the yak. Spiritmancers get the freebie, but other classes must choose the right dialogue to keep it safe (TBR). After that, she gives you what you want. Just bring it back to Khan, and he’ll sign the deal.

    A betrayer

    You need to defeat 5 Ifrit battalions to find the Void Master’s location. They spread out over the map like normal enemy patrols, notably in the Ifrit Dominion area, though sometimes it takes a few days. Ifrit faction commanders do not count towards this number. You’ll find it in a dungeon northwest of the Lava Fortress (not accessible before killing 5 patrols).

    Past stories


    Probably the first character you play and the best example of how confusing and incomplete this game is. You need to activate 3 triggers and complete them correctly during the coast line for Zenep to survive. Failure to complete any of them will result in his death and prevent you from the good ending.

    • Amaranth Town: Reach the town to trigger an event. Choose the option “Walk to the crowd”; “Go in yourself” or “Let Zeinp do what she wants” and then win the fight. Nassant is saved, and the first trigger is complete.
    • West Dokana Desert: Do not enter Dawnstorm after entering the map. Wait for an event to start where you have to “press forward” in Desert Storm and then fight Sandorm. Winning the fight gives you another trigger, now you can continue with Dunestorm.
    • The True Nagoka: After Zenep gets angry, follow him to the east of the map before facing Zarathustra. After some battles, a dialogue takes place, and you must “forgive Zeinp”.

    If you followed everything correctly and the game didn’t crash, Nassant appears and saves Zaynep from death. After 15 days you can take it back to the hotel in Nagoya.

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