Where to Find and Fight Grovekeeper Topoda in Another Crab’s Treasure (Topoda Trophy and Achievement)


    If you’re a completionist like me, check out where to find and fight Grovekeeper Topoda in Another Crab’s Treasure so you can get the Topoda trophy or achievement.

    Where to find the secret boss Topoda in Another Crab’s Treasure (Location)

    There are many bosses to fight in the ocean, but some are better hidden than others. See where to find and fight the secret boss, Topoda, in Another Crab’s Treasure and you’ll gain a very useful ability.

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    To start the journey and find the boss, you must go through Curdled Town. If you have unlocked the Village Gates Moon Snail Shell, go there and return to town. This way you will avoid most of the enemies (except the big hammerhead crab and the sniper crab).

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    from the sniper crab It usually overwhelms me and destroys my health, I always suggest just running past it or in this case jumping over it. Be prepared to take several hits before you succeed. Just follow the path and be careful. not fall off the cliff or you’ll have to deal with the crab again.

    How to defeat Grovekeeper Topoda in Another Crab’s Treasure

    Once you overcome all the enemies along the way, you will face the Grovekeeper Topoda. Compared with other bosses, he It’s not too difficult defeat.

    During the first stage of the fight, it will mostly be sliding towards you with its tail or hitting you with its hands. The most dangerous attack is chained fist attack. You’ll know it’s coming when it approaches you directly, straightens up, and removes its arms in preparation. If you get hurt a lot, there is a Cascadia Roll on the terrain that you can use to heal, but I suggest you bring the Yoccult shell with you to have a constant flow of healing.

    He second stage It’s the complicated one. He will raise a sand cloud so that you cannot see and it attacks you by surprise. You can use one of the many Crab shell shells who are in the battle area as a decoy while you attack Topoda.

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    Once you defeat him, Topoda waits for you to kill him, but Krill doesn’t want to. In gratitude, Topoda will give you the Mantis Puncha powerful adaptation that can be used to break purple blocks scattered across the ocean.

    Topoda is even more useful as you can go to it at any time to Level up your adaptations. For a certain amount of crystals, you can upgrade them to level three. He’ll also have a Moon Snail Shell teleport right next to him, so you can return at any time if you have enough crystals for an upgrade.

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