How to install Valorant Skin Changer



    One of the most searched and downloaded software associated with Valorant is Valorant Skin Changer or Weapon Skin Changer. As the name suggests, they are third-party software that allows users to change any melee gun or knife skin in the game without purchasing them. There are several such programs on the market. But the most popular are professional exchanger either, as they are usually known to bypass Valorant servers to change skins. You can download the respective software by searching on google.

    The installation procedure of the software is also nothing fancy. Unzip the files and run the .exe program. You can also read the .txt file that accompanies these documents to better understand how the application works. Remember, some of this software requires you to disable the default Windows Protector. Therefore, think before you install it and do so at your own risk.

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    Can using Valorant Skin Changer get you banned?

    Unlike a custom Valorant crosshair changer, there is a high chance that Riot Games will ban your account while using a Valorant skin changer. Why? Because skins and battle passes are the only way Riot Games makes a living from Valorant. Replicating them with third-party software is against Riot Games’ policies, and users may even face legal action. We strongly advise players to refrain from and use any Valorant related skin changing software. Even installing them on your PC can cause you problems, as the Riot Vanguard is known to monitor such entities.

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