Jam in Genshin impact: where to buy and how to cook



    Jam in Genshin is an ingredient of any dish. In this guide, you can find out where to buy jam, how to make it and what it costs.

    What do you think of making jam?

    That ingredient can’t be found in the world. You can buy it at the store or buy it yourself by cooking.

    To make jam, go to the stove or the cauldron in the world and open the cooking menu. Go to the second page where the blank recipes are located.

    If you want to cook, you’ll need to do that:

    After you make a selection, press Prepare. One jar of jam is already prepared at the beginning of the week,but there are a few more minutes to get some time. A prototype high-temperature Torch can be added to the mix.

    Where can you buy a jam in Genshin Impact?

    In the game, jam is only purchased from one merchant called Yellow. Get up at Good Hunter in Mondstadt. She has 10 cans that renew once a week for sale.

    At that price, Sarah is saving 1475 tsp for 1 jar (after reaching the level 4 – the price will drop to 1325 tspp).

    What is jam for?

    The following dishes are used to the ingredient: Jam.

    We hope this guide helped you figure out how to cook Jam in Genshin impact. Follow the Genshin Impact guide on our website.



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