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    Some of the best Roblox RPGs allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world and characters, just like the Roblox Kaiju Universe. You become the notorious creatures from Godzilla and beyond and fight against other players, creating utter chaos. You can upgrade your monstrous abilities by leveling up and earning skill points. Here’s how to get some and become a more powerful beast.

    How to Get Skill Points in Kaiju Universe

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    Skill Points can be earned by earning XP and leveling up your various Kaijus. However, you only gain one skill point per every five levels, such as levels 5, 10, 15, etc., that you manage to reach. This means that you will have to put in some effort to keep improving your species. Skill points can be used to improve stats. There are four different types of statistics:

    • Health: Your total amount of HP
    • regeneration: How fast your Charge and Health replenish
    • Speed: How fast you walk, run and swim
    • Damage: How powerful your abilities and attacks are on the environment and players

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    How to level up in Kaiju Universe

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    To get skill points, you will need to level up. You can keep track of your level bar, with the total XP required to level up, at the bottom right of your screen. As this meter fills up, the more you will level up. You can earn XP by breaking buildings or killing other opponents around the world. Certain destruction is worth more XP than others.

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    Completing missions is also a faster way to earn XP and level up. These specific tasks will reward you with higher amounts of XP than just running around. They may require you to defeat another player or destroy a certain number of buildings. Some of them take time, but often you can level up much faster.

    Keep leveling up to gain more skill points and power up your Kaijus. The more skill points you put into a stat, the stronger it becomes, allowing you to move faster, land more powerful blows, or regenerate your health and charge. You can become the strongest of all.

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