Genshin Impact TCG: Should You Use Klee or Beidou Character Cards?



    Genshin Impact seems intent on keeping its recent TCG fresh by making tweaks to the minigame every update. Nerfs, buffs, and new additions are all fair game. If you’re wondering if you should try using the Klee or Beidou character cards, which weren’t included in the original TCG release, we can help. Read on to find out our take on its potential.

    Is it worth using Klee or Beidou in Genshin Impact TCG?

    Potentially, but with some caveats. They seem to be designed to be used together in a deck focused on Overload Reaction. His main strategy would be to use Beidou first. Try using his Elemental Burst, stormbreaker, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, just like his actual character, his Elemental Burst is expensive to use. You need three Energy Charges and four Electro Elemental Dice. Stormbreaker combat status effect, Thunderbeast TargetHowever, it sets up Klee very well. It can then be upgraded with weapons, food, and the Player’s Earrings artifact card to take advantage of easy overload reactions through normal and charged attacks.

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    Are they better than current meta decks and characters like Yoimiya, Ayaka, or Xingqui? We don’t think so. While Yoimiya’s character card was heavily nerfed after the initial TCG introduction, Ayaka and Xingqui still make up two-thirds of a pretty reliable Freeze comp that’s hard to beat. Xingqui’s Elemental Burst is also much less expensive than Beidou’s, making Freeze Team more reliable overall.

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