How to Unlock More Accessory Slots in Crisis Core


    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core centers on Zack Fair, SOLDIER 2nd Class, and his journey to become a hero. Beside him is his trusty sword, Materia, and a handful of accessories to equip. However, he will notice that he can only equip two accessories at first. This may make you wonder how to get more accessory slots in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    How to equip more accessories in FF7 Crisis Core

    At the start of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you can only equip two accessories, but four slots are available. You can unlock them by completing two specific missions. After You complete the M7-2-2: Search and Destroy II Mission, you will unlock the third slot. To unlock the fourth slot, complete the M7-2-5: Operation: Mako Reactor III mission.

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    You won’t unlock these quests for a while, not until you around chapter 4. Once you have unlocked them, we recommend that you complete them before continuing with the story. Having more accessories means you can upgrade more stats and gain more immunity.

    Once you’ve unlocked all the accessory slots in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, we recommend trying out different accessories. Putting them on and taking them off before fights is also a great way to increase your combat efficiency.

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