The best 5-star monsters for PVP and PVE in Summoners War


    If you want to do well in Summoners War, a squad-based mobile hit, you’ll need to build a top team of 5-star monsters. If you’re swimming in a sea of ​​different monsters, read on to find out which ones are the best in Summoners War.

    What are the best 5-star monsters in Summoners War?

    There is more than 1,000 monsters in Summoners War but you only want to focus on 5-star monsters. Later you can turn your best 5-star monsters into 6-star monsters by sacrificing other monsters. You can upgrade your fours to fives, but only do it to help your fives evolve, because they all the best monsters in the summoners war start as 5 star monsters.

    While there are many types of battles in Summoners Wars, I’ve separated the best 5-star monsters into two categories below. This is because some monsters are perfect for attacking. PvE Content (such as the main story and the Trials of Ascension), while others excel at attacking or defending in PvP (Guild Wars and the Arena).

    The best 5-star monsters for PvP in Summoners War

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    Akhamamir (Ifrit Wind)

    Akhamamir is only available through the Guild Shop. It is an incredible monster for those who want to attack fast and hard, starting with its Speed-Up leader ability. It also has an AOE stun, plus additional damage scaling (based on HP and debuffs) and DOT. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a wind ifrit is a real whirlwind! Increase his speed and attack as much as possible with Runes to reach his maximum damage potential.

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    Elsharion (Light Ifrit)

    Elsharion can only be purchased from the Ancient Coins Magic Shop. Its main strength is receiving buffs from your enemies and giving them to your monsters during battle. Both specials can cause Defense Break, while simply having it on your team will deter attackers from setting up monsters like Theomars and Chloe (which rely on upgrades). Elsharion works well even before his abilities are upgraded, but you may have to work hard to keep him alive without a large set of defensive Runes.

    Jeanne (Paladin of Light)

    Jeanne can only be obtained using Monster Fusion, but she is worth the effort as she is generally considered the best defensive PvP monster in the game. She has a very strong guild leadership ability, increasing allies’ resistance by 55 percent. Jeanne’s Taunt ability and her overall tankiness (very high defense and HP) make her a perfect monster for defense teams, which is further bolstered by a heal on her basic attack.

    Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)

    Tesarion is only available through the Guild Store. One of his biggest advantages is being able to deal with Theomars (below), as his passive negates other passives on the opposing team. This makes him worth adding to any team facing strong passives, but Tesarion also deals solid damage. Another advantage is that you don’t need to max out your abilities to be effective in battle.

    Thoemars (Ifrit Water)

    Theomars is only available through the Guild Shop. His key ability is a passive that always gives him elemental advantage, meaning no attacking team can plan for it and it always reduces damage taken. Add in that this passive also makes Theomars immune to death (for one turn) and you’ve got yourself quite a bit of defensive power! If you have a good healer on your team, Theomars becomes incredibly difficult to defeat.

    The best 5-star monsters for PVE

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    Dark Homonculus (unbalanced field)

    Dark Homonculus can only be obtained by crafting (unlocked at level 19) using Crystals from Rift Dungeons. It’s one of the most sought after monsters for offensive PvP teams, but you need to work on fully upgrading it before it becomes a true S-tier monster. Then you have an amazing support monster thanks to its speed up and down abilities. skill cooldown. Dark Homonculus also removes buffs from enemies, quickly reducing them to easy targets who can only use basic attacks.

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    Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

    Sigmarus can only be obtained using Monster Fusion but it is worth the effort as many see it as the best PVE monster in the game. It has some negative aspects, as it is quite slow and has low HP. But his offensive capabilities more than cover this thanks to his massive nuclear AOE capabilities, a superior leadership ability (+44 percent HP for all allies in dungeons), and a frozen AOE. He adds a very powerful basic attack and you’ll have a monster built for clearing dungeons quickly.

    We will see (Dark Ifrit)

    We will see it can only be obtained using Monster Fusion. It does HP boosting damage, which is great against high HP boss mobs. His boss credentials are boosted by dealing good DOT damage, while stuns are an additional and powerful buff. We will see that it also resists fire well thanks to its strong defensive capabilities. We’ll See is also popular on PvP teams thanks to its ability to counter Jeanne’s powerful Taunt ability (see above) through her passive Conversion ability.

    Water Homonculus (Ice Mist)

    Water Homonculus can only be obtained by crafting crystals from Rift dungeons. It is necessary to have it fully trained for it to be effective. Once it is, you’ll have one of the best crown control monsters in Summoners War thanks to it having stun and freeze abilities, while all of its attacks are AOE. It’s also a flexible monster, as it can be built as support (focus on accuracy) or as direct DPS (look for damage runes). Just to finish, Water Homonculus automatically revives upon dying for a turn.

    Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior)

    Xiong Fei can only be obtained using Monster Fusion. While it’s not the strongest monster, it’s great in early and mid-game PVE content and still has a role to play in the late game. The downside is that it is a slow monster that needs time to build strength. In the positive column, it can take the punishment as it functions much like a tank, with high HP and defense. His skill set is packed with debuffs including slowing down the enemy’s attack speed, breaking their defense, and helping allies with an AOE clear.

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