How to sign up for the Blue Protocol Global Closed Beta


    Following the success of the MMORPGs New World and Lost Ark, Amazon has announced that it will partner with Bandai Namco to coordinate the western release of Blue Protocol. The publisher describes Blue Protocol as a JRPG MMO where the weapon you’re wielding at any given time dictates your character’s class. Combat is action-based, while you can make your characters unique by using your own combination of skills, abilities, and modifiers, as well as summoning mystical creatures in combat. Dungeons can be tackled solo or with a small group of friends or random players.

    Is Blue Protocol playable now?

    The blue protocol has hasn’t been released yet. However, you can now sign up for the closed beta test which should take place at 2023, with the release planned for later in the same year. To do so, follow these steps:

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    1. Head to the official western Blue Protocol website.
    2. Click the button in the middle of the screen that says Sign in with Amazon. You’ll need an active Amazon account to do this, but you don’t need to be a Prime member.
    3. This will return you to the same screen. Now that you are logged in, you need to click on the Sign up for the beta version button which should now have replaced the Amazon Login button.
    4. If you have registered successfully, you will receive an email at your registered Amazon email address titled Thank you for registering for Blue Protocol pre-launch testing..

    Note that afterward, you can also sign up to receive updates on Blue Protocol news and events.

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