Pokemon – RED fan think they’ve found the Blue Easter Egg



    The longer a series runs, the older history the creators will get into for the future. Pokemon may have more of that to include in their current products than any other game series around the world. The players still discover odd easter eggs in Scarlet & Violet and are not able to decide precisely what they’re pointing to the genesis of Pokemon.


    The latest potential easter egg discovered and shared by Borreload67 on Reddit looks like something of two. This is a look-like silhouette of a trainer in position of a Pokeball that is on adverts for items above the Pokémon Center. The identity of the silhouette doesn’t look to have been revealed in the games, but trainers have narrowed it down to two potential people.

    I had a dear memory, Jade King. The Day of Pokemon Crystal Changed my life!

    The main question is that the spikey-haired Pokeball model is Blue. The rival trainer from the original Pokemon game, who get to name whatever they want. When somebody suggested that a silhouette was red, others began to reveal the names they gave him 25 years ago. Blue had become a slugger. Blue has since appeared in more recent games as a rival and a gym leader.

    Any ideas on who this mystery silhouette is? it’s a advertising that you can find above the pokemon center, of pokemon.

    The other theory is that the Pokeball-wielding mystery instructor is Gary Oak. Blue’s design was clearly based on Oak, and in Pokemon Yellow the character’s likeness changed to fit Gary. Since all of that said, it makes sense a silhouette that looks like Blue may be actually Gary.

    And in the case of the trainers noticing the first thing, there’s nothing more like a shime as it stands out at the moment. No matter whether Blue or Gary are waiting somewhere in Scarlet & Violet or they will be reintroduced via DLC, we can still see. Before you even checked out the Pokemon ad, time has come when it’s time to entice Tera Dittos. Trainers shared tips on how to win a very tricky raid.



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