How to Make Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon in Dreamlight Valley


    Disney Dreamlight Valley includes many recipes that call for harder-to-obtain ingredients, with no substitutions. Basil Butter Poached Sturgeon is one of those dishes that requires you to use a specific type of fish to prepare it. Here’s how to make Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon Recipe

    To cook poached sturgeon with basil butter you will need four ingredients: white sturgeon, Basil, ButterY Lemon. You will also need a coal ore to cook the dish. Butter is an easy ingredient to obtain after unlocking Chez Remy. It can be purchased from Remy’s Pantry for 220 Star Coins.

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    Basil and lemon are foraged items. Basil can be obtained from green plants that reproduce around the peaceful meadow. The lemon can be picked from the trees in the Forest of Valor or the clear trust. If you hang out with a Disney friend who increases the food quest, you will have a chance to collect additional items when you collect them.

    The white sturgeon is a rare fish found in the icy heights Biome. It can only be fished at golden fishing spots, but has no weather or weather requirements to catch. Bring a Disney Fishing Buddy with you for a chance to catch twice as many fish for every one you catch.

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