How to complete the Holiday 2022 event in Phasmophobia


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    Phasmophobia occasionally releases special holiday events where players can interact with unique game modes/objectives based on popular world holidays. The last of these events is based on the popular festivals in December and is called Holiday Event 22. Holiday 22 or 2022 is an event that was added with the inclusion of a Major Tempest update for Phasmophobia.

    How to complete the festive event in Phasmophobia

    To complete the Holiday event in Phasmophobia, you need to complete four objectives. Here’s how to achieve all the objectives in the holiday event, listed below:

    • Complete all Christmas Sticker Investigations. – The first requirement for the Phasmophobia Holiday 22 event is to complete all locations with Christmas stickers on medium difficulty.
    • collect six cookies – The second requirement for the holiday event features two-part objectives. The first cookie task is to collect more than six cookies and place them on a plate. Disclaimer: cookies will not be generated if research is not activated intermediate difficulty.
    • Feed the ghost cookies – After getting all six cookies, players must give them to a ghost by placing the plate near it. Doing so will cause the ghost to go into a special hunting mode, so we recommend doing this objective last.
    • Identify the ghost and run. – The last objective requires players to correctly identify the ghost and escape with their lives.

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    How to Complete All Phasmophobia Festive Decal Locations

    To complete all of the Phasmophobia Holiday Sticker locations, you need to start and finish an investigation at all seven locations with a sticker. See the image below to see all the research locations you need to complete:

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    Where to find the Cookies in the Phasmophobia Holiday 2022 event

    To find all six cookies in the Phasmophobia’s Holiday 2022 event, you need to search all rooms with the cookie plate equipped. You can equip the cookie plate using the grab item key on the plate shown in the location below.

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    If you don’t see this board in your current research, it’s probably because the difficulty setting isn’t turned on. intermediate difficulty. You can change the difficulty setting by selecting the difficulty in the Research lobby. You will also need to find all six cookies on a total of seven different maps.

    Are cookies generated randomly in the Phasmophobia Holiday 2022 event?

    As of this writing, Christmas cookies appear to spawn in six unique locations across seven Christmas sticker maps. We recommend digging through the seven Holiday Stick locations with the best lanterns and house lights and power on.

    How to feed the ghost cookies in the Phasmophobia Holiday 2022 event

    To feed Ghost Cookies in Phasmophobia, you need to place the plate near the ghost when it is active. We recommend looking for rooms where you interact with the environment, such as turning off the lights, throw thingseither closing doors. Feed the ghost on all seven maps to complete this objective.

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    How to identify ghosts in Phasmophobia

    To successfully identify ghosts in Phasmophobia, you must do your research and determine the type of ghost by collecting evidence. If you need help identifying ghosts, we recommend looking at the Phasmophobia Test Chart for all types of ghosts. After collecting enough evidence, you can select the ghost’s identity within your journal. Inside your journal, check under the evidence tab all the types of evidence you found and those you didn’t. The result should look like our image below, where we only have Myling as the possible ghost.

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    Select the ghost that seems to have the correct identity and you will mark it for your current investigation. After selecting the identity, leave the map in the direction of the truck, and if the identity is correct, the objective in the Holiday 22 event should be completed.


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