How to get the Bright Foreseer mount in World of Warcraft



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    Veteran World of Warcraft players have plenty of mounts in their arsenal, which can be further augmented by acquiring the Bright Foreseer. Although Dragonflight has players zooming around their dragons, there’s still a place for regular mounts, like Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk, and fans of glowing rabbits won’t miss this one.

    Where to get the Bright Foreseer in World of Warcraft

    Obtaining this mount can be done in two ways, but each requires spending some real money. The first available option is to buy it. directly from the Blizzard store for $25. The other option is to buy a 6 month subscription to World of Warcraft.

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    Once purchased, this mount will be available to all characters, whether Horde or Alliance, so players won’t have to worry about spending more money than necessary. While it looks like a simple ground mount, this rabbit can also take to the skies once players unlock flying mounts through their trainer.

    Wrath of the Lich King Classic players who go the 6-month subscription path will not unlock the Bright Foreseer as it is retail-exclusive, but instead will get the Hoplet pet.

    How to claim the Bright Foreseer in World of Warcraft

    Claiming the mount is as simple as logging into World of Warcraft, going to the gift inventory, and then opening it. From there, Bright Foreseer will unlock on all characters linked to that account.

    Players who currently have a 6-month subscription will receive the mount no later than January 31, and Blizzard says these players will have until July 31 to redeem it via the launcher. Unlike the 1-year subscription, where the promotion only lasted for a month and a half, Blizzard has not announced a similar window for this 6-month subscription incentive.

    Anyone who purchased the 1-year subscription offered prior to the release of Dragonflight will have the Bright Foreseer automatically added to their account without additional purchase.

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