All Witcher cosmetics in Lost Ark (and how to get them)



    The story of the popular MMORPG Lost Ark centers around a growing demon problem that your character is trying to help solve. So a tie-in with monster hunter The Witcher makes a lot of sense. The crossover has been taking place in Lost Ark since mid-January, with in-game items available for a limited time, such as potions, cards, and skins. Some are available through quests, while others you can pick up from the Lost Ark in-game store. Read on to find out all the Witcher cosmetics in Lost Ark and how to get them.

    How to Get Lost Ark Witcher Skins

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    All The Witcher cosmetic skins are available through Lost Ark in-game store, all of which cost Royal Crystals to purchase. Royal Crystals are an in-game currency that will cost you real-world money, with bundles costing $9.99 (1000 Royal Crystals), $19.99 (2200 Royal Crystals), or $49.99 (5750 Royal Crystals). exist three options available:

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    • The Witcher Skin Chest (Royal Crystals 2,000) – Contains Witcher-themed hairstyle, chest, and pants designs (three items in total) that will give you the appearance of either Geralt or Ciri, depending on the gender of the character.
    • The Witcher Weapon Skins Chest (Royal Crystals 650): Gain a class-appropriate Witcher-inspired weapon skin.
    • The Witcher Special Pack (2800 Royal Crystals) – All items from the previous two skin chests, plus a Witcher-themed Kaer Morhen wallpaper for the character select screen.

    These items will only be available in the Lost Ark in-game store. until February 22, 2023.

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