How to Become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide – Roblox


    Though there are several characters in Roblox Peroxide, I always fancy picking the Soul Reaper character due to the mighty skill set in 1v1 combat. To become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide, you must die as a human by battling with other characters and then speak to the Kisuke NPC, who will help in the transformation.

    How to turn into a Soul Reaper in Peroxide – Roblox Guide


    The first step in becoming a Soul Reaper is to die. Fight players inside your server or get killed by any NPC around the area. Remember, you must be a Human while dying inside the game.

    Speak to Kisuke NPC

    After dying, speak to the Kisuke Urahara NPC at the central point of Karakura Town as a Human or Soul. Once you interact with him, choose the I would like to become a Soul Reaper option from the menu. Voila, you will immediately become a Soul Reaper and wear a white/blue Yukata with a sword. There is no need not complete any specific quests or missions to obtain the character profile. If you don’t become a Soul Reaper after speaking with Kisuke, die immediately by getting slain by one of your friends and revisit the NPC.

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    How to quickly level up as Soul Reaper in Peroxide – Roblox

    It’s time to level up your character if you are trying to obtain Shikai and Bankai for your Zanpakuto. The best way to level up your Soul Reaper profile is by finishing quests and events exclusive to Soul Reaper. Step out of the Kisuke NPC store to find a board. Browse through all the missions on the whiteboard and pick one that suits your gameplay style. Keep repeating the process till you level up your character to the desired levels. Apart from these, you can also fight other players in PVP mode for Experience points. 

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