Here is why Nicolas Cage wants to do a musical



    After making his mainstream acting debut in 1981, you might think that Nicolas Cage has done almost any movie he can. That’s not the case, but it’s not. Although Cage rose fast, he didn’t do a musical.

    Nicolas Cage talking about his latest release Butcher’s Crossing.

    The actor who was so much meme’d that had accomplished some very good things over his career and has played many roles in different roles. He became into Alcatraz, swapped his faces with John Travolta, and stole the Declaration of Independence, and did a fantastic job in the comedy “Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.” So far, two types of roles have eluded her, with one of them being scratched off the list in September, with the western Butchers Crossing release. Having a career spanning its five years and countless spy movies, military and Christmas movies, and comic book flicks, are there anything Nicolas Cage hasn’t done?

    While he is famous for his big roles and action-packed blockbusters, there is a particular genre missing from the Cages movie portfolio.

    In a recent interview with Empire for the Greatest Actors issue, Nicolas Cage talked about a very big hole in his resume: ‘Let’s know if he was to the best of the world’s best actors’.

    I haven’t done a musical yet. I want to test it. I’m not a much-asked singer. I thought I did sing OK in Wild and Heart, but I blew my voice out singing “Purple Rain” in karaoke bars. I think I’d make a good Pontius Pilate in Christ Superstar.

    Nicolas Cage is going to star as Dracula in Renfield.

    Cage may already have a musical in mind that would go on his acting bucket list, but he certainly has no shortage of work coming up. The audience can see that he plays Dracula in a dark comedy called Renfield a lot and has at least three other movies at the moment of production. He’s currently filming, and the second of his recent western films, The Old Way, will begin on January 26th.



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