For thirty days, Tesla opens up free access to an upgraded autopilot for 30 days


    The enhanced Autopilot drive automation feature set sits between the baseline autopilot and the more expensive FSD for Teslas EV capabilities hierarchy. The FSD has been a little off the radar yet, with FSD generally included in the beta testing program. According to the statements of the Australian companies, the company decided to open access to Enhanced Autopilot for 30-days without charging a fee for their activation.

    Image Source: Tesla.

    Another fact is, as said Electrek, car owners would have to pay six thousand dollars to activate these features if they had had to keep access to them indefinitely. The tasks listed for the 30 days exam include following:

    Automatic rebuilding of the road when the driver turns on the direction indicator; automatic navigation along the given route (no automatic stop at intersections and traffic lights the latter is available only to FSD users); One-touch automatic parking perpendicular or parallel to the highway; automatic exit of the car without driver in the cabin and driving in the opposite direction, while the control is done by a smartphone; Smart Summon is the self-directed exit to the driver, who is at the distance of the parking space, whose actions are controlled by

    In general, if this promotion is applicable to all regions of the official presence of Tesla products, then this can be a great gift to car owners. At the very least if a subscription of $199 per month is accepted for those who want to get started with a better FSD, before paying for $15,000 for permanent use, there were no such offers for those wanting to get started on the Enhanced Autopilot. In October only one precise nuance should be taken into account, Tesla began to provide vehicles without ultrasonic sensors, and they haven’t yet called an empty electric car to the driver. Tesla is continuing to train them to navigate obstacles with cameras, but with Enhanced Autopilot, in place only of ultrasonic sensors.

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