Destiny 2 player Flawlessly Solos Spire the Watcher with an Insane Way



    When a new activity is completed in Destiny 2, players will rush to try and complete the game in any way possible. This usually results in that player completing these activities alone, and the game even rewards you when the player does. However, one player from Destiny 2 took this challenge seriously: only one weapon type, only one Artifact Mod and no Human Body and no Man’s Eye.

    This player is SamiKat and his video is used to make the new Spire of the Watcher Dungeon.

    Yes!!! After 17 attempts, I finally finished Spire of the WatcherSolo All-Bows No Artifact Mods and FLAWLESSLY!!! That makes this six of six dungeons! I cannot thank God for his work. OMFG, LET’S GO!!!!!!Destiny2

    SamiKat (@samikatplays) December 23, 2022.

    She did not only solo lentless the new Dungeon under extreme conditions, but was never her first to do so. She has completed all six Dungeons in the current century: Threshold, Hammer of Heresy, Prophecy, Grasp of Avarice, Duality, and now Spire of the Watcher with no HUD, no Artifact Mods, and only Bows.

    Using only Bows is not necessary, since Bows are the most powerful weapons that could use in this type of content. But not having any Artifact Mods is particularly cruel, since according to the seasons she attempts to Solo Flawless these Dungeons, artifact Mods could increase her chances of survival tenfold.

    Unfortunately, the simple unsmart Emblem that leaves it all to the Dungeon is lacking in pure reward. Sadly, she has a wonderful ability to be proud of. Bungie should really consider making some new rewards for feats of this scale, given its clear that Destiny 2 players need more challenges to enjoy the game.

    Another huge congratulations to SamiKat for this monumental triumph, and I will be glad to see her do some more remarkable stuff. Please check out our latest news about Destiny 2: The most recent look at the Strand Subclass or the Destiny 2s placing in the 2022 Game Awards.



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