How to start and complete the ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ quest in Fallout 4


    With the release of the Fallout TV show, Bethesda updated Fallout 4 to run better on next-gen consoles. However, this update also added content for players to enjoy through the Creation Club, enticing new and returning players to jump into the game and see what’s going on. One of the new additions is the “All Hallow’s Eve” quest. Here’s how to get started and complete it.

    How to start the ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ quest in Fallout 4

    To begin the mission, make sure you have the update downloaded to your console. Once this is done, you can enter the game and start the mission. This mission begins once your radio picks up a mysterious signal that He will take you to the Harbormaster Hotel..

    Fortunately, the game will automatically pick it up once you’ve downloaded the update. All you need to do is go to your radio and follow that signal.

    How to complete the ‘Halloween’ quest in Fallout 4

    First, you’ll want to head to the Harbormaster Hotel, which is located in the Harbor area of ​​the city of Boston. Once there, enter the building and enter the door labeled New England Technocratic Societywhich is on your left as you enter the hotel.

    Here, you will be attacked by several Ghouls who have been performing some ritual at the hotel. You will be tasked with escaping the hotel after defeating the Ghouls, and the area you want to go to is the hallway at the back right of the room.

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    All hotel room passwords in the mission ‘All Hallow’s Eve’

    In the hallway, you will find a note next to a body that mentions a control room that is locked with a password. The note also says that each room has certain items, which means you will need to count how many of those items are in each room, which will lead to the password.

    • Room 1: 4 Sample bottles
    • Room 2: 3 Skull Candles
    • Room 3: 4 Teddy bears
    • Room 4: 6 Jack-O-Lanterns

    When you combine all the elements, you get the password. 4346, so enter it on the keypad at the end of the hall. You can then open the door and access the terminal, where you can turn off the AI ​​controls and exit.

    All the rewards for completing ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ in Fallout 4

    By completing the mission, you will get Number 13 of “Picket Fences”, which unlocks the Halloween settlement decorations. You will also get a special Power armor with capitalist helmetwhich is a nice Halloween-themed addition to the Power Armor.

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